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Soap Maker at Her Shop


I first got interested in natural soaps while on vacation. My husband and I went into a small soap shop, it was more of a she-shed turned soap shop, and I fell in love with all the color and scent combinations. I'm a designer and practical things beautifully made have always interested me. I bought 20 sample sized bars of soap that day without knowing anything about their properties or the oil combinations. It was the start of an adventure.


Once home, it was straight to pinterest for me and then recipe books, youtube videos, color guides, and finally small batches. And more small batches, and more small batches. 

18 months later Leaf & Berry Soaps was born.

Let’s talk

If you have questions or special inquiries, you're welcome to contact me or fill out this form. We accept requests for custom soap blends, colors, and fragrances.  

Michelle Terry

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